Mushrooms - Swiss Brown (250g)

Coming from the same family as the button mushroom, the swiss brown has a stronger and nuttier flavour. With real versatility, swiss browns can be used from salads to soups and just about anything in between!

How do we make sure we provide top quality swiss brown mushrooms?

We use strict criteria to select mushrooms for your box: the skin of the cap must be clean, unwrinkled and uniform in appearance; and the mushroom must be firm, dry to the touch, with a fresh, earthy aroma. A good swiss brown mushroom should be a light brown colour. We also make sure that we don't double handle them - mushrooms bruise easily and are at their best when they are only handled once. We apply these criteria meticulously, meaning you get top quality swiss brown mushrooms, every time.

Where do we source our swiss brown mushrooms from?

Mushrooms are not actually vegetables - they're a fungus! They don't have roots, leaves, flowers or seeds. They also don't grow through the usual process of photosynthesis; they need an external food source to stimulate growth. They are grown in specially constructed dark sheds, on plenty of organic matter so the mushrooms can feed. The best Victorian mushroom growers operate around Mernda (in the northern regions of Melbourne), and we source most of our mushrooms from there.

What is the best way to keep swiss brown mushrooms?

Mushrooms store best when there's the right amount of moisture in the air - they'll dry out if they're left uncovered, and they'll become soggy if they're left in plastic bags. The best way to store them is in a loosely closed paper bag on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator. This provides the right balance between temperature and humidity. Make sure you store them for no more than a few days, and keep an eye on them for indications of decay (discolouration, opening of caps, lengthening of stalks and a general softening and withering of the surfaces) – use them immediately if any of these signs appear.

Swiss brown mushroom nutritional information

Mushrooms got the name 'the meat for vegetarians' because their nutritional content is quite similar to that of meat - high vitamin B and iron (both good for replenishing energy supplies), and a good source of potassium (which helps relieve high blood pressure), vitamin C, folic acid, zinc and phosphorous. They are also a good choice if you're watching your weight; their low levels of calories combined with their energising properties make them a great food to help you shed those unwanted kilos!

Swiss brown mushroom serving tips and suggestions

Mushrooms offer amazing versatility. They can be served raw in salads or with dip, or you can cook them as part of a stir-fry, pizza, pasta sauce, curry, stew, or you may simply want to fry them with some butter and serve on toast - delicious! Swiss brown mushrooms are especially good for grilling or roasting. Prepare them by wiping them with a damp cloth, or rinsing them under the tap.



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