Melon - Seedless (Cut - 1kg)

Seedless watermelon have all the taste of their longer cousins, but without the pips! They are created by crafty farmers who use bees to cross-pollinate two different varieties of watermelon!

How do we make sure we provide top quality seedless watermelon?

When ready to eat, seedless watermelon has a sweet aroma at the stalk end, and is slightly soft at the other end. It should be heavy and dense - this indicates that the watermelon is fresh and juicy! We also tap the side to make sure that the watermelon sounds hollow - this is a good way of making sure the watermelon is mature.

Where do we source our seedless watermelon from?

We try to source Victorian seedless watermelon, from the Mid-Murray and Sunraysia regions. When Victorian supply is short, we source from Queensland or the Riverland region of South Australia, or the Griffith or Murrumbidgee Irrigation regions of New South Wales.

What is the best way to keep seedless watermelon?

Watermelons should be refrigerated to keep their freshness, taste and juiciness. If a whole seedless watermelon does not fit in your fridge, cut it up into as few pieces as possible, and cover with some cling wrap. Make sure you eat them within a few days though!

Seedless watermelon nutritional information

Watermelon contains significant amounts of water - in fact it is approximately 92% water by weight! It is surprisingly low in kilojoules relative to its sweetness. Watermelon is high in vitamin C and vitamin A. It also contains a compound known as lycopene, which is believed to help prevent prostate cancer.

Seedless watermelon seasonal information

Watermelon is available all year. The juicy refreshingness of the flesh means that watermelon taste (and supply) is at its peak during the summer months.

Seedless watermelon serving tips and suggestions

Eat watermelon on its own, in fruit salads, or in juices. Try freezing some pureed watermelon and gently blending for a delicious granita treat!


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