Melon - Rock (Whole)

Originally cultivated in Italy and named after the city of Cantaloupe, these melons have a smooth peach-coloured flesh and a delightfully sweet aroma. They are fantastic when served fresh, made into a fruit salad, and are a delicious complement to ham, cheese and prawns.

How do we make sure we provide top quality cantaloupe?

There are several quality criteria that we use to select top quality cantaloupe for your box. Firstly, we check that the melon yields slightly at the blossom end (which indicates ripeness). Secondly, we make sure the cantaloupe has a sweet aroma at the stalk end (this is the best indicator of ripeness; the cantaloupe has a porous skin which allows aromas to be emitted, which is strongest at the stalk end). Thirdly, we check there’s a pink-to-orange tone coming from behind the netted skin. Fourthly, we make sure there is a smooth, rounded, convex divot at the stem end (this indicates that the melon was picked at full maturity). Finally, we make sure there are no surface injuries (such as soft spots from over-ripeness, or cuts or bruises from handling injury). 

Where do we source our cantaloupe from?

Cantaloupes require a hot dry climate for propagation. We have a preference for sourcing cantaloupes from Victorian growers (from the Mid-Muray or Sunraysia districts). When Victorian supply is short, we source cantaloupes from South Australia (the Riverland region), Queensland or the Ord River region.

What is the best way to keep cantaloupe?

Cantaloupes ripen best at room temperature. For longer storage, they are best kept in the refrigerator (optimal storage conditions are at 7°C-10°C and 90%-98% relative humidity).

Cantaloupe nutritional information

Cantaloupes are extremely nutrient rich, low in calories, and high in carotenes, vitamin B6, vitamin C and potassium, and other nutrients if the skin is juiced!

Cantaloupe seasonal information

Cantaloupes are available all year round.

Cantaloupe serving tips and suggestions

Try cutting a cantaloupe in half, removing the seeds and adding yoghurt and berries to the centre, it’s delicious! If you’re feeling a little adventurous, blend the seeds and cantaloupe meat, and strain for some yummy cantaloupe milk.

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